Posted on April 1, 2018 in News

You know we’re town planners. You know we specialise in planning permits.

But, did you know that as well as being a Registered Town Planner and a fellow of the Planning Institute of Australia. Our Principle Planner Tufan Chakir is a also a Registered Architect?

This simply means that as well as providing the same high level of town planning support for your planning permit we also have the resources to provide you with:

  • Design, and
  • Architectural Support

It also means that when we work with other Architects, designers or drafters we understand their language and can explain the planning process and quirks of the planning system in a way that starts to make sense.

Have a project that requires town planning and design? Give us an obligation free call today to discuss (03)52 981 568 or wish to talk to Tufan directly?  0414 517 365