Projects completed

14 days

Average application lodge time

50+ years

Combined team experience

We have dealt with Tufan Chakir several times over many years and am delighted to say that it has always been a positive experience. Tufan has acted on our behalf in providing planning advice, permit applications and also architectural drawings. Tufan always listens to our needs and is excellent at explaining engineering advice. I would recommend him as a decent and efficient professional and would not hesitate to use his services should the need arise.

Three steps, three fixed fees, simple, no fuss.
Planning AssessmentBefore an application is made

Identify the issues, constraints and opportunities, pre-application investigations and preliminary discussions with council staff.

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Planning ApplicationPutting it together

Preparing the application documents, reviewing policies, report writing, knowing what to say and how to say it.

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Planning SupportAfter an application is made

Monitoring and review, further information, negotiations.

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      Simplifying planning applications

      Dealing with planning permits and the planning application process is often complex, confusing and time consuming and a job best left to experts. We are the experts.

      The Planning Professionals are the expert town planning permit consultants in Geelong and Victoria whose sole purpose is to streamline the planning process for clients, removing the stress that can accompany planning permit applications, particularly for those unfamiliar with the associated procedures and legislative requirements.

      We are experienced and qualified, and we know what needs to be done and we are on your side.

      Fixed fees for planning permit assistance

      On top of its streamlined three-step planning permit process, The Planning Professionals also offers fixed fees for fixed services tailored to individual projects, meaning there are no hidden costs or surprises for clients.

      To ensure the process of planning applications and obtaining planning permits is as smooth and problem-free as possible, make sure you call on the services of The Planning Professionals, providing planning permit assistance to Geelong and Victoria.

      If you’d like to know more about The Planning Professionals, please contact us, read our frequently asked questions, or take the time to read our reviews and news and projects.

      Our approach is simple...
      We advocate for you to help you achieve your dreams. We’re on your side and will champion for you every step of the way.
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      Expert planning consultancy services

      The Planning Professionals principal town planner Tufan Chakir, B. Arch. M.P.D (Urban Design), R.A.I.A., R.P.I.A. (Fellow), has over four decades of experience in private practice, working as a planning application consultant in Geelong and further afield in a diverse range of industries, including caravan parks, funeral homes, medical centres, cafes, bars, pubs and restaurants, aged care facilities, supermarkets, showrooms, apartment complexes and child care facilities.

      Municipal councils are responsible for supervising most development within their local government areas and their responsibility includes the approval or rejection of town planning applications. All municipalities have a dedicated planning scheme which includes the various planning-related policies, overlays and zones dictating land use and development.

      Council planning departments oversee the planning scheme and it is the staff of these departments who The Planning Professionals deal with on a daily basis.

      Many people will go through life without ever dealing with a planning department and most people’s encounters and dealings with planning applications and planning permits will be sporadic at best, which is part of the reason they need planning permit assistance and support from a qualified and experienced town planner.

      However, The Planning Professionals are planning permit experts, providing a simplified, streamlined, efficient and timely approach to town planning and planning permits through a straightforward three-step process.