Planning permit assistance for Geelong district

As the name suggests, The Planning Professionals are expert planning permit consultants, providing planning permit assistance to Geelong district and elsewhere.

We know what we are doing and we are expert at it!

Planning Professionals principal Tufan Chakir, the pre-eminent planning application consultant in Geelong, is a Fellow of the Planning Institute of Australia, and has more than 30 years’ experience in the profession. In short, he knows his stuff and is highly regarded – just take a look at the reviews on this website.

Tufan has used his decades of knowledge to break the planning permit application process into three distinct, simple fixed-fee steps.

  • Step 1: Planning advice – Before an application is made
  • Step 2: Planning Permit Application – Putting it together
  • Step 3: Planning Support – After the application is lodged

The Planning Professionals chose Geelong as a base for the lifestyle it offers, but that does not mean we only work here. Our clients come from near and far and we work throughout the state. In the digital age of today, distance is not a problem. And having been around for more than three decades means that we have worked with most councils in the state at one time or another.

Fixed fee planning consultancy services

Our services are streamlined and efficient and we offer fixed fees for each step, based on the complexity of the project – no hidden surprises!

Each of the three steps is available individually. Clients can call upon The Planning Professionals for assistance with any stage of the planning process, or for all three steps.

Our experience helps us get it right the first time, and we are able to pass those savings and efficiencies along to our clients.

Three steps, three fixed fees, simple, no fuss.

To streamline your planning permit process please contact The Planning Professionals. We are the pre-eminent planning permit consultants in Geelong.

Geelong planning permit consultants

Planning Permit Advice

The Planning Professionals advise and guide clients through the sometimes confusing and convoluted planning process. Tufan Chakir, The Planning Professionals’ principle town planner and director, is the leading planning application consultant in Geelong and also a qualified architect. He has more than 30 years’ knowledge and experience providing planning permit advice and application support. This experience has...

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Planning applications, Geelong

Planning Permit Applications

This is where the bulk of work by The Planning Professionals will  occur – the application phase, step two of the services we have streamlined. It is in this stage our Geelong planning application consultants pull together the threads of the planning permit application and prepare a consolidated application package for a council. The Planning Professionals’ principle town...

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Planning permit assistance, Geelong, Victoria

Planning Permit Support

This is the final step in our streamlined planning permit application service in Geelong. After the planning application has been lodged there is still some work to do in order to keep things moving. Providing further information to the council, advertising of the application and negotiating with objectors are all tasks that The Planning Professionals...

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