Why do I need a town planner?

The planning application process is becoming increasingly complex. Asking The Planning Professionals’ Geelong planning application consultants to advise on the processes, the constraints and opportunities is a great first step in ensuring a planning application process runs smoothly. The Planning Professional know the rules and understand how councils work – we speak their language. By asking The Planning Professionals to assist you will be getting it right the first time.

What costs can I expect for planning consultancy services?

We have developed a streamlined, efficient and cost effective planning application system. Each step in our process has an associate fixed fee. The actual fee for our Geelong-based planning permit assistance service will depend on the particular project and its complexity. We like to think of projects in terms of small, medium or large, and we fix our costs to suit the project. Simple!

Who can be a town planner?

There are no regulations to control who can give planning advice and prepare planning permit applications. This means that clients should ask if the person preparing their application is qualified and a member of the Planning Institute of Australia. Qualifications and membership of the Institute will give a client some comfort that the person handling their application is up to the task. Whilst anyone can lodge an application, only an expert will do it right. The Planning Professionals are qualified town planners. The practice principal is a Fellow of the Planning Institute of Victoria.

How long does it take to get a planning permit?

This will depend on the complexity of the project A Vicsmart application is usually dealt with by a council within 10 days. The processing of applications will vary depending on the project and the resources a council allocates. Unless it is particularly simple, or a Vicsmart application it will take a council three to four months to process. We do our best to minimise delay and streamline the process. We communicate with council planners and constantly follow up.

How do I know I’m getting good planning advice?

A client should ask if the person preparing the application is a qualified town planner and a member of the Planning Institute of Australia. The Planning Professionals are qualified town planners and Tufan Chakir, the director, is a fellow of the Planning Institute of Australia. You will be in good hands with The Planning Professionals.

Is there a proven track record?

The practice has provided quality planning consultancy services in Geelong and in other centres for over 30 years. We have a fantastic reputation and hundreds of happy clients. Take a look at what some clients say about us in our reviews. Being a pre-eminent planning practice and building a solid reputation does not happen overnight – we have been there, and have put in the hard yards. Our success rate is high, and we fight for our clients.

Why is it so complicated?

It should be no surprise that in a society that is becoming more regulated that the planning process is more complicated than it once was. The Planning Professionals simplify and uncomplicate the process. We look for solutions rather than just identifying problems. Our clients benefit from our knowledge of the system, our ability to work with council planners and our no-nonsense approach. Often, our clients don’t even know the system is complex, as we shield them from having to deal with the application process.