Planning Permit Applications

Step 2 of our three-step system

This is where the bulk of work by The Planning Professionals will  occur – the application phase, step two of the services we have streamlined.

It is in this stage our Geelong planning application consultants pull together the threads of the planning permit application and prepare a consolidated application package for a council.

The Planning Professionals’ principle town planner and director Tufan Chakir will supervise the planning permit application package, checking off each element of the planning application, to ensure the application has an appropriate, accurate and relevant information

We will also coordinate the input of any other consultants involved in the project and prepare a comprehensive and detailed planning report, including a full policy assessment and response and supporting arguments.

And as always this step has fixed fees, based on the scale of the project, which eliminates surprises and allows clients to budget accordingly.

Planning permit applications assistance – we get it right!

As leading providers of planning permit assistance in Geelong and across Victoria we know what a council will need to know, and how to present that information to support a planning permit application

For the best chance of a smooth planning permit application process and subsequent approval, call on The Planning Professionals, leading town planners providing expert planning permit assistance in Geelong and district and beyond.